PPEL prepares students for a vareity of careers and fields of post-graduate study. They include, for example:

  • Law. Many students entering PPEL are considering graduate work towards the J.D. degree. PPEL provides a truly excellent basis for a highly competitive law school apllication. The best law schools do not generally look for students who have already studied a lot of law (teaching law is what law schools do!), but for students with rigorous training in writing, analytic thinking and background in areas such as economics. In addition, because PPEL is a small major taught by experienced faculty who get to know students and their work really well, PPEL students are in a position to get excellent letters of recommendation from internationally-known faculty.

    However, an important word of warning: at the current time there is considerable debate within the legal profession about the employment prospects for those with the J.D. degree. PPEL strongly encourages students to carefully research the job market in law and expore their options. See for example, this recent article in The New York Times. Early commitment to a legal career may be inadvisable.

  • Public Policy. PPEL is a truly excellent foundation for careers in public policy and entry to Masters in Public Policy programs. It provides students with a grasp of the basic tools and concepts of economics as they apply to politics. Students with public policy degrees can work in government, for private research institutions and non-profits.
  • Business. The PPEL program is not a professional degree; however, throughout the United States students with "PPE" degrees have been very competitive for positions in business and finance.
  • Graduate Study in Philosophy and Political Science. PPEL students are in a very good position to continue their studies via advanced work in Philosophy and Political Science. However, the PPEL major is not a good foundation for graduate work in Economics; students contemplating advanced work in Economics should enroll in the Economics major.