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Jerry Gaus's picture
Jerry Gaus
Head of Department & James E. Rogers Professor of Philosophy
Office: Social Sciences 217
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Justin Bruner
Assistant Professor
Office: Social Sciences 219
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Tom Christiano's picture
Tom Christiano
Professor of Philosophy

Tom Christiano is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona.  His teaching and research focus on moral and political philosophy with emphases on democratic theory, distributive justice, and global justice.

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Suzanne Dovi's picture
Suzanne Dovi
Associate Professor of the School of Government and Public Policy
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Michael Gill's picture
Michael Gill
PPEL Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor of Philosophy
TEL: 520-626-0607
Office: Social Sciences 208
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Tauhidur Rahman's picture
Tauhidur Rahman
Associate Faculty
TEL: 520-621-8657
Office: McClelland Park 304F
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Connie Rosati's picture
Connie Rosati
Professor of Philosophy
Office: Social Sciences 211A
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Vlad Tarko's picture
Vlad Tarko
Office: Social Sciences 221

My main research interests are in:

- Institutional economics, especially polycentric governance
- Comparative institutional systems, varieties of capitalism
- Entrepreneurship and economic disruption
- History of economic thought, especially Ostrom, Hayek, Buchanan

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Peter Vanderschraaf's picture
Peter Vanderschraaf
Office: Social Sciences 228A
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Steven Wall's picture
Steven Wall
Professor of Philosophy

Steven Wall is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona. He works primarily on questions in political philosophy, but also has interests in ethics and philosophy of law.

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