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The Department of Political Economy and Moral Science offers an undergraduate major in Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law, a High School Dual-Enrollment course in Ethics, Economy, and Entrepreneurship, and a leading academic journal, Social Philosophy & Policy.

We also are part of the team of scholars at Arizona that for the past six years has been peer-ranked as the world's #1 graduate program in political philosophy. That astounding ranking seems to be based largely on our distinctively empirical approach to theorizing about principles of morality and justice, and about how people have to live in order to make sure that their world is better off with them than without them.

Our peers around the world also credit us for offering a unrivalled diversity of perspectives, although diversity has been more an unintended but welcome side effect of aiming for synergy. We bring together high-powered scholars who believe in themselves and in each other enough to be fascinated by rather than threatened by their differences. 


PPEL in Peru

Universisdad Peruana De Ciencias Aplicadas and University of Arizona sign a contract to offer a B.A. in PPEL + M.S. in Entrepreneurship on the... read more

Vernon Smith joins Political Economy & Moral Science as a Research Professor

We are honored to announce that Nobel Laureate Vernon L. Smith is joining our Department as a Research Professor.  Professor Smith was a mentor of... read more

Lusch Lecture Series - First Lecture Feb. 12

We are pleased to share the first lecture in the... read more

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Head: David Schmidtz

PPEL Director: Jerry Gaus