Undergraduate Awards

Award Categories

The department of Political Economy and Moral Science confers the following Student Awards as determined by the Faculty of the Department:

  • Gabe Cohen Award for Excellence in PPEL - Gabe Cohen, a former PPEL student, combined the qualities of being a truly outstanding student with a keen interest in philosophy, politics, economics and law. He was typically the last to leave the room after a class, always interested and open-minded, about our subject.
  • The Patrick Harless Award for PPEL Excellence in the Pursuit of Freedom and Classical Liberalism – This award honors the legacy of Patrick Harless, a talented economist in the Freedom Center who was passionate about the values of free markets, free speech, intellectual curiosity, and equal opportunity. In addition, Patrick was known for his sincere and kind demeanor and was an exceptional educator who could simplify complex issues for students at all levels.  The Harless Award recognizes students who distinguish themselves by fostering critical thinking about freedom, responsibility, and human behavior through active classroom engagement and extra-curricular activities. Award sponsored by the Freedom Center.
  • Christopher Maloney Prize in PPEL for outsanding work in the PPEL major - Christopher Maloney, the former Head of Philosophy, who was one of the real driving forces behind instituting the PPEL major. Professor Maloney supported PPEL in every way possible, so that our students can receive the very best education that the University of Arizona has to offer. Without him, there would not have been a PPEL major. 

Past Award Winners

Gabe Cohen Award for Excellence

2023 - Erin Sweeney

2022 - Alexandra Devereux

2021 - Hannah Gill

2020 - Julia Nichols

Christopher Maloney Prize

2023 - Greyson Henry

2022 - Robert Lowell

2021 - Tara Singleton

2020 - Trey Miller