Accelerated M.A. Program

Complete your undergraduate degree and get an M.A. in Philosophy, Politics & Economics in as little as five years.

About the Program

Typically you would apply for Accelerated Master's Program in Philosophy, Politics & Economics in spring semester of your junior year. If you are accepted, you will be notified in that same semester and in time for you to enroll in appropriate classes at the start of your senior year. This enables you to complete the Accelerated Master's Program in one additional year beyond your senior year.

This program is open only to University of Arizona undergraduates majoring in Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law.

Application and Admission Process

The deadline for admission to the AMP in PPE program is March 21 previous to the fall semester of entry.

To apply for Accelerated Master's Program in in Philosophy, Politics & Economics, you must be on track to complete the first year of upper-level PPEL courses with a 3.5 grade point average in core PPEL courses. Additionally, you must:

  1. Meet the Admissions Requirements established by the Graduate College.
  2. Submit to the Department of Political Economy and Moral Science via the UA Graduate College online application.

Be sure to include the following in your application:

  • One letter of recommendation from a professor with whom you have studied
  • A statement of purpose  (one page single-spaced)
  • Transcripts  (Unofficial transcript may be uploaded with application; official transcripts will be required with admission.)

How To Apply

To apply, you must complete the University of Arizona Graduate College online application. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a GradApp account.
  2. Complete your GradApp profile under "My Account."
  3. Select "Apply to a Program" from the sidebar.
  4. Choose "Degree Seeking" under application type and "Philosophy, Politics & Economics (MA) - Accelerated Master's Program" under program of study.
  5. Choose the semester during which you wish to enter the program.
  6. Your application should now be initiated under "My Active Applications."

The application code is UAAMP721X01. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

For general information regarding graduate degrees and tuition, please see Graduate College’s degree and tuition policies.

Program Requirements

The requirements for completion of the AMP in PPE include attaining a 3.0 GPA in ten three-unit graduate courses at or above the 500 curricular level for a total of 30 units. 

Students must take the following four classes:

  1. PPEL 530: Data Science for PPE
  2. PPEL 540: Justice & Welfare
  3. PPEL 555: Choice, Evolution & Institutions
  4. PPEL 592: Directed Research

In addition, students will complete six 500-level electives (for full list, see below).

Up to four courses (including PPEL 540) that satisfy the MA may also simultaneously satisfy requirements of the BA in PPEL:

  • PPEL 506: Game Theory & Social Contract
  • PPEL 508: Economics of Gender, Family & Inequality
  • PPEL 514: Philosophy of Economics
  • PPEL PHIL LAW 518: Political Economy through Experimentation
  • PPEL 520: Economic Analysis of Law
  • PPEL 560: Democracy & Social Choice
  • PPEL 596A: Graduate Seminar in Philosophy Politics Economics & Law
  • AREC 512: Development Economics
  • LAW PHIL PPEL 519: Ethics & Economics of Environmental Policy
  • PHIL PPEL 537: Moral & Social Evolution
  • PHIL 539: Decision Theory

Sample Program Schedule

Fall semester 

  • PPEL 496: Capstone Seminar
  • PPEL 500-level elective

Spring semester 

  • PPEL 540: Justice & Welfare
  • PPEL 500-level elective

Fall semester 

  • PPEL 555: Choice, Evolution & Institutions
  • PPEL 530: Data Science for PPE
  • PPEL 500-level elective

Spring semester 

  • PPEL 592: Directed Research
  • PPEL 500-level elective
  • PPEL 500-level elective
  • PPEL 500-level elective


Contact, Director of Graduate Studies, for more information or to set up a brief informal meeting.