PPEL Concentration

The PPEL major requires that, in addition to the core and foundation courses, students complete 12 credits in an area of concentrated study. The area of concentration requirement can be fulfilled in three ways.

Option 1: Electives

You can fulfill your area of concentration requirement by taking 9 credits from the following list. At least 6 units must be PPEL units.

Note: Courses may require prerequisites – such prerequisites do not count toward elective requirements.

Note: Honors students may use their thesis for 6 credits toward elective requirements.

Note: Enrollment in some POL courses may be restricted to POL majors and minors. Please email Michael Greeley at greeley@arizona.edu to request enrollment.

PPEL students are strongly encouraged to take specialized electives for PPEL students. After completion of PPEL 301 and 310, Advanced Standing PPEL students are guaranteed places in these courses.

  • PPEL 320: Classics in Political Economy
  • PPEL 406: Game Theory and the Social Contract
  • PPEL 408: Economics of the family, gender, and inequality
  • PPEL 414: The Philosophy of Economics
  • PPEL 420: Economic Analysis of the Law
  • PPEL 430: Data science for social sciences
  • PPEL 437: Moral and Social Evolution
  • PPEL 460: Democracy and Social Choice
  • PPEL 469a: Freedom of expression in philosophy and law
  • PPEL 480: Rethinking cities 

The following also qualify for elective credit.

Note: Please see your advisement report for other course options.

  • ECON 337: Economics of Politics and Policymaking
  • LAW 428C: Law and Behavior Research Lab
  • LAW 573A: Justice, Law and Capitalism
  • PA 481: Environmental Policy*
  • PHIL 320A: Philosophy of Freedom
  • PHIL 320B: Philosophy of Freedom
  • PHIL 320C: Philosophy of Freedom
  • PHIL/PPEL/PA 323: Environmental Ethics
  • PHIL/PA/POL 324: Law and Morality
  • PHIL 410A: History of Moral and Political Philosophy
  • PHIL 410B: History of Moral and Political Philosophy
  • PHIL 430A: Ethical Theory
  • PHIL 430B: Ethical Theory
  • PHIL 434: Social and Political Philosophy
  • PHIL/POL 438: Philosophy of Law
  • POL 326: American Political Thought***
  • POL 360: International Political Economy**
  • POL 361: International Organizations
  • POL 365: Contemporary International Politics
  • POL/PA 481: Environmental Policy
  • SOC 345: Sociology of Rights, Justice, and Law

* Requires as prerequisite POL 201

** Requires as prerequisite POL 202

*** Requires as prerequisite Phil 110, 113 or Pol 203

Option 2: Philosophy Minor

PPEL Majors who declare a minor in Philosophy may share up to 12 upper division units between the PPEL major and the PHIL minor. This has the effect of being able to complete the PPEL major and the PHIL minor with only 6 additional units (2 courses) more than what is required to complete the PPEL major alone.

Option 3: PPEL/Philosophy Double Major

PPEL majors double-majoring in Philosophy (Ethics or General Track) may "double dip" up to 12 units (4 courses) between the majors. The following Philosophy courses may be used in the PPEL major as indicated:

PHIL 210 and PHIL 250 can be used to satisfy PPEL Foundation requirement

The following courses can be used to meet the Concentration Requirement

  • PHIL 320A
  • PHIL 320B
  • PHIL 330
  • PHIL 321
  • PHIL 322
  • PHIL 324
  • PHIL 410A
  • PHIL 410B
  • PHIL 430A
  • PHIL 430B
  • PHIL 434
  • PHIL 437
  • PHIL 438
  • PHIL 499