Student Comments

Comments on our major from former students

"I have found the PPEL program to be a challenging, but extremely rewarding experience. It is from this degree that I was able to find my passion for academics. The critical thinking skills I have gained from PPEL have not only helped me in my classes, but in everyday life. I am leaving this program with a different way of thinking and viewing the world than when I started. This program will provide you with the analytical tools that can be applied to a number of different jobs and career paths. One of my favorite aspects of this program has been being able to take all of my classes with a small group of motivated students. I was able to learn and be pushed by my peers in a way that has really shaped my undergraduate experience. If a student is willing to put in the work and the effort, I am confident that they will finish this degree prepared to take whatever next step they wish to pursue. PPEL offers the unique experience of being able to take their advanced courses with top-ranked faculty. The PPEL faculty are truly remarkable and are dedicated to helping their students succeed and learn. I feel extremely lucky to have stumbled across this program, and would recommend it to any student wanting to explore the social sciences."
 ~Aleksandra Evelyn Petkovic

"Simply put the PPEL program is one of the most rigorous and most academically beneficial programs you can find at any university. The unique curriculum will qualify you to examine and solve global and local problems through a variety of methodologies including economics, game theory analytics and philosophy. The small class size and stringent application process ensures that all your classmates will be able to engage in thoughtful academic discussions which allows your time spent in class to be discussions of the material being studied and its implications rather than a simple lecture. However, what truly makes the PPEL program the best program at the University of Arizona is the professors. U of A PPEL students have the privilege of being taught by some of the most gifted and influential individuals in all academia. These professors, unlike many of their peers, make a genuine effort to remain approachable and to work with students outside of class. They actually care about you as a person. When applying for law school I received frequent and invaluable assistance ranging from letters of recommendation from nationally recognized professors to meeting to discuss my career goals and which institution would best serve those goals. If you can choose one major at the University of Arizona choose PPEL. BEAR DOWN!!"
~Jackson Whittaker Morrison

"PPEL is among the best undergraduate programs available at the University of Arizona. The quality and accessibility of the faculty is second to none. You'll have the same classmates for multiple courses, making it easier to achieve a comfortable and open learning environment. Often times, PPEL feels more like a graduate seminar than an undergraduate lecture. The PPEL classes are very interactive and focused on discussion of the course material. The most learning I did was inside the classroom, debating with the professor and fellow students. I feel PPEL presents a unique opportunity because it gives its graduates a truly holistic skill set that is adaptable to any environment. You may think that with this degree is only for those wanting to pursue law school or other graduate education. While PPEL without a doubt serves as excellent preparation for such endeavors, it is also valuable to those wanting to enter the workforce after graduation. PPEL teaches both critical reasoning and people skills. Many other majors focus on only one of these areas at the expense of the other. This often leaves individuals with a knowledge gap either on the analytical side or the people side. Going through PPEL will help fill in these holes. The skills you'll learn over the course of the program will make you a more well rounded applicant for almost any job, not just law school. Regardless of what your goals may be after college, PPEL can help you achieve them."
~Kaushik Goswami

"The PPEL program is truly the hidden gem at Arizona, and students would be remiss not to take advantage of this program. Simply put, undergraduate programs of this caliber are few and far between, and are typically only offered at the smaller, elite liberal arts colleges, or the expensive, stuffy Ivy League institutions on the East Coast. However, Arizona is widely regarded as the best Political Philosophy Department in the world (yes, better than Oxford), and if you want to take advantage of this as an undergraduate, PPEL is the way to go. PPEL is on a different "level" than most undergraduate programs/majors, but it is also just plain fascinating because you see so many academic traditions converge on seminal political, economic, legal and moral issues -- in ways you didn't think were possible. It will truly change the way you look at the world. I've also found that PPEL has been fantastic preparation for law school. I noticed immediately that I had a significant advantage over my first-year colleagues that tookless rigorous majors in college. Navigating the PPEL curriculum will sharpen your analytical skills in unspeakable ways, and will impart to you a perspective and academic tool-chest that will prove invaluable in law school, and give you a noticeable leg up on the competition, wherever that may be. This is a world-class program."
~Michael Robert Duval 

"PPEL has broadened my worldview and reinforced my belief in the value of a liberal arts education that fosters deliberation and civic engagement. The program is great in that there is a diversity of motivated students who genuinely care about the material being taught. You will be challenged and pushed to study subjects like game theory, economic policy, constitutional interpretation, and political philosophy with highly acclaimed faculty. Together, this has not only given me the instruments of critical evaluation but also driven me to find practical solutions for dealing with social injustice. I know that the friendships, knowledge, and resources taken from this program will stay with me long into the future."
~Jeffrey Curtis Beebe

"The PPEL program offers rigorous and demanding coursework. If a student is dedicated to meeting this challenge, they will find the support of excellent professors who are experts in their field and invested in the success of their students. My writing, critical thinking, and research skills have improved immensely from the classes I've taken through PPEL. The opportunity to specialize in a certain theme through the various tracks allowed me to apply what I learned in the core classes to my interests and individual passions. Pursuing a PPEL major is not easy, but it is certainly rewarding."
~Dana Marie Dobbins

"Participating in the the PPEL program at UofA has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. It's combination of great faculty, small class sizes and a challenging curriculum has provided me with the skills I need to succeed after graduation. No matter whether I pursue graduate school or enter the workforce right away, I know that the PPEL program will contribute to my future success."
~Nicholas Ryan Mahon
"I am very thankful to have found the PPEL Major and to have joined it. It consists of a group of classes which relate to each other, yet are unique and challenging. All the courses are taught by knowledgeable and well-regarded professors in a small class setting, which facilitates great discussion. The coursework in the classes is rigorous but I've loved all my classes so far! Go PPEL!"
~Thomas Edward Mitchell

"PPEL taught me how to think critically about abstract problems, communicate complicated ideas clearly and with ease, and collaborate with my cohort and professors. I enjoyed being intellectually challenged day in and day out and the caliber of students and faculty in the PPEL program creates an unforgettable undergraduate experience. I would recommend this degree to anyone willing to work hard and learn a lot!"
 ~Tori Morris