Becoming a PPEL Major

A student may declare the major in Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law (PPEL) at any time in his/her undergraduate career beginning with Freshman Orientation. In order to enroll in PPEL Core Courses a student must first achieve Advanced Standing through the following two steps:

1. Complete Three Foundation Courses

One course from:

  • ECON 200
  • PHIL/ECON 205
  • SBS 200

One course from:

  • PHIL 210
  • PHIL 250

One course from:

  • POL 203
  • POL 206

With the approval of the Director, in special cases a student may be allowed to enroll in a PPEL course while completing his or her last foundation course. Students should complete their Foundation Courses within five semesters of declaring PPEL as their major. However, to ensure timely progress through the major students are advised to complete their Foundation Courses as expeditiously as practical and prior to achieving junior status by designing their schedules in consultation with the PPEL Advisor. The Advisor will assist transfer students in planning their schedules so as to facilitate their progress towards the completion of the major.

2. Apply for Advanced Standing

Students submit to the Director of PPEL:

  • Applications are due in early March for entry into Advanced Standing the following September. Applications normally occur in the second second semester of the Sophomore year.
  • Unofficial transcript for the purpose of determining the strength of the student's educational profile as an indicator of success in upper division PPEL Core Courses and PPEL Track Courses
  • A writing sample from the student demonstrating proficiency in the requisite skills for succeeding in PPEL Core Courses and PPEL Track Courses.

The Director may also, at his or her discretion, invite a student to interview with the Director to determine the student's preparedness to succeed and commitment to the goals of the program.


Program Fees

Students majoring in PPEL who have achieved junior status will be assessed a program fee of $400 per semester. PPEL majors who have not achieved junior status will not be assessed the program fee.


More Questions?

Please look at the FAQ page under "Advising."