The Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law Club is a student organization focused on exploring and expounding upon the four intersecting disciplines from which we take our name.

Club Activities

Meetings are aimed at PPEL majors, but are open to anyone. Anyone can take part in our discussion sessions, study groups, group readings, and debates, which are structured to accommodate a wide collection of people and philosophies. Supplementary to meetings are lectures from faculty members, graduate students, and members of the legal, political, and economic community at large. There are many benefits of attending meetings, but perhaps none are as important as getting to know your peers, building friendships, and making connections with members of the field.

For more information about meeting times and locations, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Peter Vanderschraaf: pvanderschraaf@arizona.edu.


The UA Undergraduate PPEL Club is welcoming new members, as well as students interested in serving in officer positions for the 2020-2021 academic year. Membership is open to anyone, PPEL major or otherwise! There are no dues.

The Undergraduate PPEL Club is a member in good standing of the Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA).

2021-2022 Officers

Will Martens, President

Mishka Polyakov, Vice President

Lisa Urban, Secretary