About the Department

The Department of Political Economy & Moral Science offers an outstanding and rigorous undergraduate major in Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law. We are building a diverse interdisciplinary community of innovative philosophers, political scientists and economists to engage in rigorous and original work on both theoretical and practical problems, including the relation of moral norms and markets, the evolution of social cooperation, self-organization and social complexity, justice, democracy and diversity,  as well as social and environmental policy.  The idea of "moral science" we trace back to Hume: normative inquiry has to begin with what humans and their social ways of living are really like.

The Department is premised on the conviction that collaboration and deliberation among diverse perspectives (including disciplinary, methodological, ideological and identity) provide for greater insights into social, political and economic life and their problems than homogenous research programs. The Department cherishes the academic freedom of faculty and students to learn from each other by exploring their perspectives and their differences; to challenge each other so that we may better learn from each other.