Ethics, Economy, and Entrepreneurship for High School Students

High school teachers from Arizona, California, Texas, Utah, and Mexico complete graduate level preparation for teaching PPEL 101, a dual-enrollment course for high school students. The content, course network, and lessons will help these teachers bring the core economics curriculum to high school juniors and seniors, along with a chance to ponder the ethical challenges of life and citizenship in a commercial society. Three courses were offered for credit: PHIL 500, 504, and 561.  This Program, originally a partner of the Center, gathers teaching faculty from around campus and around the country, including Center Director David Schmidtz and PPEL faculty Cate Johnson, two of the co-authors, along with Bob Lusch, of Ethics, Economy, and Entrepreneurship.  


Published Date: 

01/07/2017 - 8:29am
Teaching PPEL