Vernon Smith joins Political Economy and Moral Science as a Research Professor

We are honored to announce that Nobel Laureate Vernon L. Smith is joining our Department as a Research Professor.  Professor Smith was a mentor of Dave Schmidtz's in the 1980s when Dave was finishing his graduate work in Economics. Professor Smith was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2002 for helping to launch the field of experimental economics. In the process he helped to shift the focus of economics somewhat away from generating theorems and toward empirical testability. It was an exciting development for the philosophy of social sciences, and helped to re-kindle interest in philosophy as it was done during the heyday of Adam Smith. It seems safe to say that there would be no Department of Political Economy and Moral Science but for the path-breaking work of Vernon Smith.  

Professor Smith remains actively engaged in research at Chapman University. We look forward to his visits to Tucson!

Published Date: 

04/17/2018 - 9:56pm
Picture of Prof. Vernon Smith