Program Requirements

The requirements for completion of an MA in PPE include attaining a 3.0 GPA in ten three-unit graduate courses at or above the 500 curricular level for a total of 30 units. 

Students must take the following six classes:

This course will serve as an advanced level introduction to mathematical theories developed for and central in the social sciences, especially those parts of the social sciences that analyze individual and group decisions.
This class uses the basic concepts and tools of economics to address questions related to philosophy, politics & economics.
This course will introduce students to statistical methods applicable to the study of problems in political economy.
This course will explore philosophical and formal modeling approaches to understanding the nature of justice and its applications.
This course will serve as an advanced level study to contemporary analysis of institutions and how institutions can solve, or fail to solve, problems of public choice.
The culminating experience of the AMP in PPE is a Final Capstone Research project. To complete this research project, a student must compose a research paper and present this paper publicly.

In addition, students will complete four 500-level electives:

  • PPEL 506: Game Theory & Social Contract

  • PPEL 508: Economics of Gender, Family & Inequality

  • PPEL 514: Philosophy of Economics

  • PPEL PHIL LAW 518: Political Economy, Law & Experimentation

  • PPEL 520: Economic Analysis of Law

  • PPEL 560: Democracy & Social Choice

  • AREC 512: Development Economics

  • LAW PHIL PPEL 519: Ethics & Economics of Environmental Policy

  • PHIL PPEL 537: Moral & Social Evolution

  • PHIL 539: Decision Theory


For questions, please contact Director of Graduate Studies